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About the Minnesota Heart Failure Consortium

The Minnesota Heart Failure Consortium (MHFC) is a unique collaboration of healthcare professionals dedicated to furthering research and education concerning the problem of heart failure.

The MHFC was formally launched in September 2002. The goal was to increase area wide research and educational activity by pooling the resources of many active medical centers. The Director of the MHFC is Steven Goldsmith of the Cardiology Division at HCMC. Visit our members page for member and site directory.


MHFC Awarded NIH Grant

The MHFC was recently awarded a prestigious grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). This grant is a collaborative effort organized by the NIH to expedite the process by which new therapeutic strategies are brought to practice, allowing physicians to save more lives and improve their patients’ quality of life. Research organizations participating in this program will cooperatively conduct large-scale clinical trials on new treatment regimens for chronic and acute heart failure. 

The MHFC is among a select few facilities in the nation that will participate in this heart failure research collaboration. The other coordinating centers awarded this grant are the University of Montreal, University of Vermont, Mayo Clinic, Harvard Clinic, University of Utah, Duke University, and Baylor College. Visit the Heart Failure Clinical Research Network website for more information.

For additional information describing the impact the NIH HF network will have on HF research please review the article written by Bradley Bart, MD.